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Brad point bits are true wood boring bits. They are designed with a centre spur to locate the centre of the hole easily, with perimeter cutters to cut the outside of the hole and horizontal scapers to remove the wood which can peel upwards through the steep spiral to quickly clear the hole. They give a clean, accurate hole and tend to track true rather tan follow the grain.

- Tip provides accurate positioning for starting.
- Wide flutes provide a fast, continuous flow of chips.
- Bit is precision ground for applications where an exact hole size is required.
- Spur cutting edges reduce splintering and ensure a smooth, clean hole.
- Features large chip ejection channels to reduce boring time.
- Wide lands to keep the bit straight.


Set: 3 Piece Set, 7 Piece Set or 13 Piece Set
Bit Sizes In Set: 3mm x 60mm, 4mm x 75mm, 5mm x 85mm, 6mm x 92mm
7mm x 100mm, 8mm x 115mm, 9mm x 117mm, 10mm x 120mm, 11mm x 130mm, 12mm x 132mm
13mm x 140mm, 16mm x 150mm, 25mm x 200mm
Type: Brad Point Bit
Size: 13 Piece Set
Length: Various
Material: #45 Carbon Steel
Ground: Half Ground
Shank Type: Round
Intended Use: All wood and timber

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