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Painting & Plastering

Smith & ARROW sells a select range of consumables into the painting and the plastering industries.


Sanding Industrial Abrasives
For both painters and plasterers, we offer an excellent range of sanding products. For painters we offer Zirconia fibre sanding discs for use on a rubber or polyurethane backing pad on an angle grinder or a slow speed sander polisher. Smith & ARROW also offer velcro hook and loop sanding discs for an orbital sander in all industry standard sizes and grits, including 50mm, 75mm, 125mm (with holes and without holes), 150mm (with holes and without holes) and 225mm. This sandpaper is available in grits ranging from 80 grit through to 2000 grit. We also offer a wide selection of Poly Strip Discs – a relatively new product designed to remove paint and rust without effecting the original surface. In this range the available sizes are 75mm, 100mm and 150mm with a spindle for use on a Quick Change Tool or Air Tool, drill or on a die-grinder / air tool. For use on an angle grinder, the available sizes are 100mm, 115mm, 125mm, and 180mm Poly Strip Discs. These discs are available in medium, coarse and even ceramic grits.

Hook & Loop Orbital Discs
For plasterers, Smith & ARROW’s primary offering are the 150mm and 225mm velcro hook and loop sanding pads in grits ranging from P80 through to P400. We have an industry focus on very high quality discs in 225mm in both P180 grit and P240 grits to fit the standard vacuum sanding machines used in finishing plasterboard after it has been set. Smith & ARROW have a specialised offering in this space that is gaining a lot of market share in the Australian plastering industry – a proprietary anti-clog sanding disc in a completely open weave net mesh designed especially for use in finishing plasterboard in P180 and P240, that produces an excellent result free from any swirls or imperfections.

Painting Tape
For painters and solid plastering Smith & ARROW offers a range of very high quality blue painting tape. These tapes are rated as 14 day tapes, are UV resistant and leave no residue behind when removed. Available in rolls 50M long and in widths of 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, and 48mm, all Smith & ARROW painting tape come in boxes of 6 and are strong / durable and bleed resistant.

P2 Masks
From a safety and comfort perspective, Smith & ARROW offer a great range of P2 Safety Dust Masks – all valved to ensure maximum comfort. These are sold in both standard cupped disposable respirators and also folding models great for taking off and putting in your pocket when they are not required. Smith & ARROW also has P2 disposable respirators with Activated Carbon in both cupped and folding options which are especially designed for painters and plasterers working with agents such as two pack epoxies etc that emit strong odours. Like all our P2 Masks these are equipped with an exhale valve and are specifically designed to minimise strong smells.

For both drywall and solid plasterers Smith & ARROW sell gloves for safety and to protect your hands from chemicals. In this range we sell the following products: Black PU Gloves; Touchscreen PU Gloves; Black Foam Nitrile Gloves; and Orange Hi-Vis Foam Nitrile Gloves – all with our own Comfort-FlexTM Technology. These gloves are available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL in the highest commercial quality and at prices that will help you keep your business costs down. For painters, and both drywall and solid plasterers, we also sell boxes of 100 Disposable Nitrile Gloves in both light weight 3.5g (Lite) and Heavy Duty 5.5g (HD). All of Smith & ARROW’s gloves are certified and meet all relevant DIN 388 and Australian Standards.

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