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Fences & Balustrades

Smith & ARROW in the Fencing & Balustrading Industry

Smith & ARROW has many customers with a focus on fencing and balustrading, and in fact, some of our largest clients manufacture and install Stainless Steel balustrades for homes, hospitals and commercial projects. In terms of balustrading, most of our customers work predominantly in Stainless Steel and this work can be broken up into three stages: FABRICATION, INSTALLATION, and FINISHING / POLISHING.

In terms of fabrication, our 350mm Drop Saw blades used on a bench mounted saw are used a lot in those businesses that manufacture 14" 350mm Metal Cutting Chop Drop Saw Discs Blades | Smith & ARROWstainless steel balustrades, ensuring consistent lengths for the project as well as fast clean cuts – minimising the clean-up work required. These manufacturers also use a lot of our Zirconia and Ceramic Fibre Discs (with a backing plate) and Smith & ARROW’s Zirconia Flap discs on hand held angle grinders in the fabrication process to blend and smooth out welds and joins.


In terms of installation Smith & ARROW sells a lot of SDS Plus masonry drill bits to this customer base – which make quick and accurate work of drilling into the hardest aged concrete to fasten the balustrading firmly in place. Our SPD Plus masonry drill bits are manufactured from the highest grade #45 carbon Steel and are equipped with commercial grade tungsten carbide cross tips to ensure minimal drift and the fastest boring sequence All our SDS Plus drill bits are designed to fit all major brands and types of hammer drills (both SDS and also SDSPlus) and are available in 5mm x 160mm long all the way up to a diameter of 25mm x 450mm long – guaranteed at pricing that is a fraction of what most business pay from traditional “shop front” tools suppliers.

Many businesses that are commissioned to manufacture and install Stainless Steel balustrading are required to finish the final 20 x Scotch Brite Polishing Hand Pads - 230mm x 150mm | Rust Removalproduct to a bright – mirror finished – standard. Smith & ARROW offer a wide range of ScotchbriteTM products specifically designed to take mill finished Stainless Steel to a polished mirror finish. We sell Scotch Brite belts, rolocTM discs, hand pads, roll and even Scotchbrite flap discs – all in course, medium and fine grits to make short work of polishing stainless.

In Fencing, our biggest sellers are our 125mm x 1.0mm thin INOX grade cutting wheels, our zirconia flap discs, our grinding discs, and our double ended drill bits in sizes #11, #20, & 30 – specifically designed for use with the most common blind / pop rivets. Our cutting wheels are used for general fabrication to cut thin sheet colorbond and other sheet metals as well as cutting posts and rails to length. Our Zirconia Flap wheels are used to smooth back and clean up welds and joins, and our double ended drill bits are used to drill the holes to attached color bond sheeting once the posts and rails are in place.

PU Safety GloveSmith & ARROW’s safety gear is used extensively in both of these sectors with a special emphasis on our Safety Glasses & safety gloves. Whenever there are power tools in use, whether it be a drop saw cutting lengths of steel or an angle grinder cutting & grinding or a Roloc system or a linisher polishing completed work, Safety Glasses and Gloves are critical to worker safety. We offer clear, smoked and bifocal Safety Glasses that are certified not only to Australian / NZ Standards, but also to current European, Canadian and American Standards. Smith & ARROW’s range of gloves is extensive and includes boxes of 100 Disposable Nitrile Gloves, PU Gloves (in standard as well as Touch Screen), Foam Nitrile Gloves (in standard as well as High Visibility), and our Sandy Nitrile Cut 5 Gloves – with a top / highest cut resistance rating certified against the International Standard EN388 – as well as the Australian Standard. All Smith & ARROW’s safety gloves are available in sizing: S, M, L, XL, & XXL.

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