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Smith & ARROW has a long history providing high quality, value for money consumables into the Auto restoration and panel repair industries.


Cutting Wheels
Smith & ARROW’s wide range of inox grade cutting wheels offer a solution for every job. When you are cutting a panel, especially a panel with a curve you need a fast cut and you need for the wheel to remove the least amount of material possible. We offer cutting discs, as a solution for every application: die grinder / air tool discs in 50mm, 60mm and 75mm to get into hard to reach places; and angle grinder discs in 125mm x 0.8mm thickness specialised thin cutting wheels designed for an angle grinder. These are made from a softer compound than our 1mm thick wheels which provides a faster cut and minimal material removal.

Grinding Wheels
Smith & ARROW offer a 70mm x 6.4mm Grinding Discs specifically designed for use on an air tool / die grinder in the auto industry for grinding back material in tight spaces.

Velcro Hook & Loop Sanding Discs
One of the biggest selling products into the auto / panel / restoration sector is the Smith & ARROW Velcro Hook and Loop Sanding Discs fantastic for sanding back car panels. To support our smaller DIY customers, we offer minimum box quantities per grit of 25. We offer this product in 50mm, 75mm, 125mm (8 hole and no hole) and 150mm (8 hole and no hole) in grits ranging from 80 grit to 2000 grit.

High Temperature Painting Tape
Smith & ARROW sell the best available high temperature tape on the market rated to 120º. This tape provides extreme sharp edges for painting jobs and leaves no residue when removing the tape. It has much better humidity and UV resistance than normal masking tape, is water resistant and provides excellent adhesive transfer resistance. Available in 18mm, 24mm, 36mm and 48mm in 50 metre rolls this tape is invaluable for use in auto baking ovens, or for general spray paining.

Poly Strip Discs
Another great seller into the panel/auto industries are Smith & ARROW Poly Strip Discs. This relatively new product has an amazing advantage of sandpapers in this industry in that its design allows for the very fast removal of paint ands surface rust WITHOUT effecting the metal underneath. Sandpapers, no matter how fine, are able to remove the underlying material if the operator is inexperienced or not being careful and this in turn makes for an unsightly finish at the end of the job. With an size range that includes 75mm Roloc, 100mm (on a spindle or for an angle grinder), 115mm, 125mm and 180mm, these discs are available in both medium and coarse grits. Smith & ARROW’s range of Poly Strip Discs cater for every application, from taking the paint off a car panel back to bare metal in one pass of an angel grinder, through to taking a channel back to bare metal with the edge of a Roloc or spindle wheel, we have the tools for the job.

Drill Bits
Smith & ARROW also offer some of the best value for money across drill bits and safety gear used in the Auto / panel industry in Australia. From double ended drill bits in popular sizes for pop / blind rivets including #11, #20 & #30.

Safety Glasses
Our Safety glasses have industry safety standard certifications that cover not only Australian Standards, but also the USA and Europe – they are also scratch resistant and have a anti-fogging coating – we even offer bi-focal Safety Glasses.

P2 Masks
Our P2 Masks carry the 5 Tick Quality Product mark indication they are independently certified against the Australian Safety Standard by SAI Global. P2 is one of the highest particle filtration certifications you get in a safety respirator. All of our P2 masks are equipped with valves which make for a much more comfortable fit by allowing exhaled air to escape easily, which also reduces fogging if the wearer is also using safety glasses. All Smith & ARROW’s P2 Masks are valved and we offer a range in both cupped and folding in a variety of colours. We also have a selection of cupped and folding activated carbon masks. These masks are especially engineered for applications that involve strong odours, minimising smells like epoxy etc that are common in a range of different industries.

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