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Sheds & Silos

Smith & ARROW has a long history supplying industrial consumables to Australian Shed builders.


Cutting and Grinding Wheels
Probably our most popular products into this industry are our ultra-thin 125mm Cutting discs in both 1.0mm and 0.8mm thick, and our depressed centre grinding discs. All our cutting wheels are INOX grade and these ultra-thin discs cut sheet metal fast and as a result minimise discolouration. The net result is time saved cutting as well on clean-up work. All Smith & ARROW’s Cutting and Grinding wheels from 100mm up to our 400mm Drop saw blades are independently certified against the Australian Safety standard by SAI Global and have been authorised to carry the 5 Tick Quality Product Mark. Our grinding discs are of the highest quality and perfect for grinding back welds and protruding stud bolts and anchor screws.

Double Ended Drill Bits & Step Drills
Another product that sells well into the shed and silo building sector are Smith & ARROW double ended drill bits. This product is sold in packs of 20 or 100 bits in both M2 and M35 (5% Cobalt) and specifically designed for use installing pop / blind rivets. The product is offered in the three most popular sizes: #11, #20, #30.
Probably one of the most popular items we sell into this sector are our Step Drills and Step Drill Sets (metal box set of 3 different sizes). These are made of the highest quality 45 Carbon Steel and are tin coated for faster, smoother operation and longer life.

Masonry SDS Drill Bits
Every shed generally needs to be secured to a concrete slab and Smith & ARROW’s SDS Plus masonry bits are perfect for the job. Designed to fit all popular SDS and SDS Plus hammer drills, our large range of masonary bits all have cross tipped Tungsten Carbide tips to keep you on the mark and to ensure fast, effective drilling into the hardest cured concrete. Available in sizing from 5.0mm x 160mm all the way up to 25.0mm x 450mm we guarantee our quality while saving you up to 70% against what you currently pay!

Safety Gear
All industries require good quality safety gear and Smith and ARROW offers some of the very best value for money in Gloves, safety glasses, and disposable respirators. Our wide range of gloves include; foam nitrile in standard black; foam nitrile in hi-viz orange; PU in standard black; PU in Touchscreen; and Sandy Nitrile Cut 5 (cut resistant) gloves. These gloves are available in sizing small, medium, large, X large, and XX large. We also offer a choice of light weight and heavy duty Disposable Nitrile Gloves in Boxes of 100 in sizes medium, large, X large, and XX large. All our Safety Glasses have both an anti-fog and an anti-scratch treatment and are offered in smoked / tinted, clear, and in bi-focals.

P2 Masks
Our P2 Masks carry the 5 Tick Quality Product mark indication they are independently certified against the Australian Safety Standard by SAI Global. P2 is one of the highest particle filtration certifications you get in a safety respirator. All of our P2 masks are equipped with valves which make for a much more comfortable fit by allowing exhaled air to escape easily, which also reduces fogging if the wearer is also using safety glasses. All Smith & ARROW’s P2 Masks are valved and we offer a range in both cupped and folding in a variety of colours. We also have a selection of cupped and folding activated carbon masks. These masks are especially engineered for applications that involve strong odours, minimising smells like epoxy etc that are common in a range of different industries.

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