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Ceramic grain cuts quicker, grinds cooler. Ceramic precision grain generates up to twice the cut-rate, durability, and life of other aluminium oxide or zirconia belts. Maintains super-sharp points that cut exceptionally fast with less pressure.

- Belt life is significantly longer, requiring fewer belt changes.
- Excellent for sanding stainless steel, mild / black steel, all metal, aluminium, wood,                fibreglass, plasterboard and painted surfaces.

Size: 915mm x 50mm
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36 Grit (Ceramic)
40 / 60 / 80 / 120 / Mixed Grit (Zirconia)
Mixed Grit is 1 x 40, 2 x 60, 1 x 80, 1 x 120
Material: Ceramic or Zirconia
Length: 915mm
Width: 50mm
Bonding: Resin
Machine: Linisher
Intended Use: Stainless steel, mild / black steel, all metal, wood, plastic, copper.

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