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Full cable twist knot wheel brushes feature tightly twisted knots for low flex, high impact brushing action. Narrow face allows better control of surface contact area. Full cable twist is ideal for the toughest brushing applications where surface finish is a low priority. Great for workshop use to remove paint, scale, corrosion, and cleaning of weld seams and spot welds.

- For weld cleaning, weld spatter removal, scale removal, cleaning, deburring, and flash          removal. For optimal performance, use on angle grinders at elevated speeds.
- Metal fabricators use steel wire wheel brushes for surface preparation, surface finishing,      burr removal, weld cleaning,

Carbon or Steel?
Steel wire wheel brushes use either carbon steel or stainless steel as the fill material. Carbon steel has good wear characteristics, cutting action, and fatigue resistance. Stainless steel resists wear, corrosion, high temperatures, and some chemicals.


Size: 3", 75mm x 16mm
Choose Quantity From Drop Menu:
1 Wheel / 3 Wheels / 6 Wheels
Material: Choose Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel from Drop Down Menu
Thread: Unthreaded
Machine: Angle or Bench grinder
Max Speed: 12,500 RPM (can go on any grinder that runs at this RPM or less)
Intended Use: For finishing and cleaning of steel welding elements, and removing rust, paint and dirt.

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