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These discs will thoroughly remove paint, epoxy and rust from surfaces. The surface will then be prepared for painting or coating. The discs are very suitable for the quick and effective treatment of surfaces that are hard to clean.

- Very fast strip removal of paint or rust WITHOUT damaging the original surface.
- Excellent for removal of paint or rust off car panels - also great for use on wooden or           fiberglass surfaces. Ideal for cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats.


Size: 4.5", 115mm
Quantity: Box 2, 4, 10
Grit: Coarse or Medium
Bore: 22.23mm (7/8")
Max Speed: 13,600 rpm
Machine: Angle Grinder
Intended Use: For removing, lacquer and paint coating on wood, stone, metal and fibreglass surfaces

Why is the Strip Disc so effective ?:
The discs are manufactured from polyfibre and impregnated with coarse grain silicon carbide. After that, they are strengthened with synthetic resin. This combination results in an abrasive material with an open structure. It is sharp and flexible and doesn't clog with shavings, so that you can continue sanding without any problems. This makes the Clean & Strip the ideal abrasive material for effectively cleaning a surface. Because of its unique open structure, the Clean & Strip only removes the upper layer of the object, without grinding or cutting into the surface. This open structure enables cool grinding.

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